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>>> Upcoming meetings

Kick out meeting for the SpaceNav project, periodic review and demonstration

Color Magic ferry voyage Oslo-Kiel, Oslo-Kiel - 22-23 November 2016

The consortium will meet for the last time within the time frame of the SpaceNav project and the project will be reviewed by the EC representatives. The consortium will also set the course for the future commercialisation plans.

Moreover the system will be demonstrated on board of Color Magic ferry sailing the Oslo-Kiel route. Captains will be interviewed after the demonstration. Their statements with their opinions will be collected and analysed. Results of these analyses should be used as a background for further functional improvements of our system.

>>> SpaceNav dissemination activities summary (1 July 2016)

Here is the list of project dissemination activites over the course of the project. Pleasae see where you could have seen us!

- MyOcean Workshop (Lisbon, Portugal)

- Silver Explorer ship visit and project presentation (Lisbon, Portugal)

- EMSA briefing of the project (Lisbon, Portugal)

- DeMarine workshop (Hamburg, Germany)

- SMN workshop (Hamburg, Germany)

- Globcurrent User Consultation meeting (Plymouth, UK)

- Miami Yacht Show investigating potential partners and commercial clients by a number of project’s briefings to various groups/companies/public institutions (Miami, USA)

- Island Sky – meeting with management team and project presentation for setting up grounds for future cooperation (Salem, USA)

- FleetPRO – presentation of SpaceNav to attract interest from potential cooperators (Miami, USA)

- StormGEO – attracting potential partner – project briefing (Oslo, Norway)

- NORShipping – investigating potential competition and attracting clients (Oslo, Norway)

- Color Line ship visit – briefing on the project operational advantages to ship crew, officers and captains in order to get permission for installation of the system for demo purposes (Oslo, Norway)

- DNV-BIZ – meeting to attract potential partners (Oslo, Norway)

- University of Chalmers GBG – project presentation to the scientists (Gothenburg, Sweden)

- SMM meeting – developers’ workshop meeting (Hamburg, Germany)

>>>5th RnD and 3rd General Assembly Meetings - Limassol, Cyprus - 3-4 November 2015

Over a period of several days the Consortium of SpaceNav project held set of meetings which main goal was to assess the current status of system development and set direction for further system advancement for the coming months. The consortium have investigated financials and budgeting the remaining actions. The projects partners spent considerable time discussing the system installation plan and execution onboard of Color Magic ferry provided by Color Line.

>>> SpaceNav visiting Nor-Shipping (1-5 June 2015)

Nor-Shipping is the leading maritime event week. Its top-quality exhibition, high-level conferences and prime networking opportunities attract the international maritime industry to Oslo every other year. We joined our peers, partners and prospects at the leading maritime event week in 2015 (Oslo, Norway), to explore the maritime business future.

>>> External Periodic Review

On the 29th of May 2015 the SpaceNav consortium welcomed the project officer and a reviewer from the EC. The host of the event was DNV GL (Hovik, Norway). The goal of the visit was to perform periodic check of the current status and financial standings of the project. The EC representatives concluded that the project is well run and no major issues/changes were suggested.

>>> 4th RnD and 2nd General Assembly Meetings

On the 27th and 28th of May 2015 the SpaceNav project partners held the 4th RnD and 2nd General Assembly meeting in Hovik, Norway. The event was hosted by DNV GL. During the first day of the meetings the consortium discussed the project’s administration status however the major time was spent brainstorming the new innovative features the sail plan model is equipped with. The consortium was proud to find that the model includes many innovative characteristics which have not been yet introduced to the market by any of the competing systems. The second day was spent on evaluation of the current system, planning the execution of short- and long-term goals as well as discussing the budget matters. The partners came to a satisfactory conclusion and are confident that the project will reach its goals on time.

>>> Upcoming meetings

4th RnD and 2nd General Assembly Meetings - Hovik, Norway - 27-28 May 2015 External Review with visitors from the EC - Hovik, Norway - 29 May 2015