A real-time sail planning system

The SpaceNav-concept (space-based maritime navigation) consists of a sail plan that guides ships how to efficiently sail from one port to the next. The system contains unique observational capabilities and computational models based on spaceborne data to calculate the route for the ships to follow. This in turn results in a safer and more economical execution of maritime and offshore operations.

Why SpaceNav?

The maritime industry seeks to optimize sail plans for fuel reduction, ship emission reduction and/or reduction in sailing time in an efficient manner. However, they do not have sufficient means to visualize the observations needed to develop such an optimized sail plan. Nor do they have continuous observational updates with sufficient accuracy or numerical modelling capabilities.

SpaceNav combines information obtained from various (spaceborne, seaborne and coastal) sensor systems and weather forecast data into advanced numerical models to calculate the optimum sail plan for any vessel — continuously and in real-time. Optimized sail plans are communicated to the ships for multiple benefits (depending on the chosen optimization criteria), for instance to save fuel, reduce pollution, limit structural fatigue or to improve passenger and crew comfort.